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Basement Design

A basement is a valuable addition to the house as it gives much-needed extra space. If you use a little creativity, your basement can become one of your favorite rooms. Whether you want to turn it into a guest room, a studio, or a playroom, your basement gives you many possibilities to explore.

A successful basement redesign will increase your property’s value by giving it a finishing look. However, to successfully transform your basement or simply increase your property value, you must invest time and imagination. With the help of an interior designer, you can achieve this without too much hassle or passing your established budget. 

An interior designer will consider every aspect, even your personality, and give you valuable advice about functionality, lighting, space-saving options, or tips on increasing property value.

Suppose you need help coming up with a basement design. In that case, you can contact Dara Agruss Design in Chicago! Benefit from a consultation today to learn more. We can provide you with a virtual design as well! Here is what you should consider regarding basement design:

Choose a Function for Your Basement

Depending on what you need the most in your home, your basement can provide the much-needed space. When choosing a functionality for your basement, you must consider whether you need storage, privacy, or a hobby room. Fortunately, you can pick more than one option if you ask for a professional designer’s idea. You can find a great variety of designs in Dara’s portfolio.

Redesigning your basement is a big project because it can become overwhelming if you don’t know what to do. Additionally, properly remodeling your basement will increase its worth. Giving your basement a specific purpose will increase the level of functionality of your house if it has a professional finish.

Seeking the opinion of a qualified interior designer will help you save money and time. At Dara Agruss Design, you will know the final cost upfront, with no hidden fees, and this is for any design or decorating project. View our services or contact us directly to learn more.

Space Availability and Lighting

You don’t need to worry if you have a smaller-sized basement. An interior designer will know how to transform your basement into an intimate space by using unique furniture designs and making the most of the available space. A designer knows the challenges that remodeling a basement represents. They can interpret your vision and make it become a reality.

Additionally, interior designers have resources that you might not have access to. Relying on a designer’s advice will help you stay within your budget. Having good lighting is essential when you are redesigning your basement. It is a well-known fact that the basement tends to be a dark room.

Poor lighting will make it difficult for you to spend quality time in your basement. You can give your basement that finishing look by layering the lighting. As basements often need space-saving solutions, Dara Agruss Design recommends using downlights, wall sconces, or festoon lights.

Seek Help from a Professional Interior Designer

The building block of a successful design is the ambient, the task, and the accent lighting. Dara Agruss Design will turn your basement into a fully functional, outstandingly decorated room so you can use the extra space from your home. We have the proper design process that helps you give purpose to your basement.

It does not matter if you want a traditional design or a time capsule-themed basement; whether you want to emulate farmhouse practicality or have your in-house bar, our interior designs will take the challenge of remodeling your basement and turning it into the perfect room. If you are looking for a passionate, honest, and affordable interior designer in Elmhurst, IL, contact Dara Agruss Design!

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