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Bathroom Design

Whether your master bathroom needs an upgrade or you need to address the design in your powder room, these changes can add more value to your home. Functional and glamorous bathrooms can be crafted into the perfect sanctuary for personal care with the help of Dara Agruss Design. When it comes to your bathroom, key elements need to come together to enhance the space. For small or large bathroom design, you need an expert who will help capture the aesthetic you want at a price you can afford.

What Every Luxury Bathroom Design Needs

Whether you want to make small changes or have a complete remodel on your bathroom, you can expect to change its functionality and create a room that reflects your excellent tastes. Bathrooms should be a place to refresh and feel renewed after showers, baths, and personal care routines.

At Dara Agruss Design, we conceptualize any bathroom design to create stunning, yet well-functioning spaces that fit your style. It’s an enhanced upgrade that looks like it came from the pages of a home magazine, yet feels livable for daily life.

What do you need in your bathroom design? One of the most important factors is the lighting. Lighting sets the mood in every room.

though with bathroom  design, the lighting needs to be accessible everywhere. It should brighten things up near the vanity where you apply cosmetics, as well as keep the shower from having an ominous vibe.
Organization and storage are important too, for even the largest bathrooms can look cluttered with countertops full of makeup, creams, and cleansers. Elegant cabinetry can solve this problem and keep your bathroom looking fresh from a catalog.

Additionally, you may want to upgrade the flooring to something that looks stunning yet won’t become slippery when wet. There are relaxing tubs, spa-like showers, wall treatments, hardware, and so many other factors to consider. Pairing them together expertly is what we do at Dara Agruss Design to ensure your bathroom design makes it your favorite space in your home.

Let Dara Agruss Design Create Your Ultimate Bathroom Design

Even if the only thing you’re sure of is that your bathroom needs an upgrade, let us help you bring that vision to life. From the first consultation all the way through, Dara Agruss herself will be there to help you with colors, textures, lighting, cabinetry, tubs, showers, fixtures, hardware, flooring, and everything else needed to elevate your bathroom design.

We provide attention to every single last detail and for a price that’s less than you’d expect too. For the glamorous lifestyle on a budget, Dara Agruss Design is the way to turn your bathrooms into an oasis of luxury for your personal care.

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Bathroom Design

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