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One of the joys of being a homeowner is hosting – whether you’re having friends over for dinner or celebrating a holiday with family. Having a second bedroom readily available as a guest room is a great way to ensure you have a space ready for your loved ones to stay overnight when needed.

When it comes to bedroom design, your guest bedroom might be an afterthought. There are countless things to take into consideration, like how much storage space different guests might need or what kind of pillows they enjoy sleeping on.

Surprise guests may show up at your door, too, so it’s a good idea to have your guest bedroom ready for unexpected visitors – just in case.

Designing Your Guest Room

Guest room design is all about striking a balance between comfort and style. While you want your guest room to be an attractive space for your guests to stay in, you also want to ensure they will be comfortable spending their time there.

Whether your guests stay for one night, one week, or one month, there are plenty of ways your guest room’s design can make or break their stay. While your guest room may not be used daily, it should still be a livable space for any guest you might have.

Because designing a guest bedroom isn’t all about aesthetics, it’s a great idea to work directly with an interior designer in Elmhurst to check all of the necessary boxes for a welcoming guest room. A guest room’s design can leave a lasting impression on your guests, from the bedding you choose to the lighting and wallpaper.

When it comes to selecting colors suitable for a variety of potential guests to ensure your guests get a good night’s sleep, our team at Dara Agruss Design will work with you to make your hosting dreams come true.

Guest Room Design Process

Dara’s services include an initial consultation before the design and development phase. During this step, we will get to know you and your needs, from your budget to the size of your space. After the consultation, we will create design boards and renderings of your space to give you an idea of the finished product.

After all the details of your guest room design have been agreed upon, our team will bring your concept to life. We want to be sure everything is exactly what you want, so you can look forward to seeing swatches and samples of everything from fabrics to paint and wallpaper. Together, we will decide upon the selected materials before we coordinate the ordering of all products.

After all the products have been delivered, the Dara Agruss Design team will work on finalizing your guest room’s design. To see the work we’ve done in the past, check out Dara’s portfolio. After installation, your guest room will be ready to enjoy – so feel free to invite some guests over to spend the night!

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