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If you are looking for professional interior designers in La Grange, IL, look no further than Dara Agruss Design. Each house, space, and project will be carried out with care and responsibility, for an affordable price.
Based near Chicago, our interior design team is at your service, guiding you step by step, from the first consultation to the reveal day. If you want to find out more about our portfolio and previous projects, contact us and we will answer any question you may have!

Choosing Interior Designers in La Grange

Starting out an interior design project may seem intimidating and overwhelming in the beginning. The space in your house has a lot more potential than you might expect initially.

Working with interior designers will not only offer you a more efficient and calming environment, but it will also raise your property’s value in the future. Every inch of your home will be optimized and serve a purpose. Create your style to maximize your comfort, as well as your future, with Dara Agruss Design.

Your budget and your family are our main priorities. Our main interior designer, Dara Agruss, has created her projects and business to focus on both function and beauty. Remodeling a room doesn’t mean transforming it into a museum, but a livable space for everyone with style!

Why Should I Hire an Interior Designer in La Grange?

Professional help is always welcomed when it comes to details. This is why we as contractors are offering two flat rate design packages that will adapt to any need. 

Our clients in La Grange can benefit from face-to-face consultations, but if you aren’t located in La Grange, we can help you out through online meetings. 

At Dara Agruss Design, ideas become a reality at affordable prices. From a new kitchen to a safer playroom, our packages will offer you the security and proficiency that you need! Our portfolio includes diverse projects, from vintage bathrooms to dark aesthetic living rooms.

Let Us Guide You 

If you live in Chicago, you are one phone call away from remodeling your room and making it an extension of yourself. Our clients have found in our company the respect and help that they needed and deserved, and we are more than confident to take on any project.

Each detail added to the rooms has a utility and we choose all furniture with a clear purpose in mind. As a designer, these aspects are essential for family homes or communal living spaces, which is why we made our project with these values in mind. Contact us today to learn more!

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Each person has their own style and aesthetic that they prefer, even in their own home. Even if you feel uncertain about which one is best for you, a quick consultation should fix the problem. You will discuss with our designer what you require first, and then you will choose between the option designs.

Our company aims to offer professional interior design services at affordable prices. We offer two standard flat rate design packages, that range from $500 to $1,000. This price is the same for all projects, so you only have to choose which one is best according to your budget and needs.

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