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Living Room Design

Living Room Design

We all dream about our perfect comfy place, where we grow old with our loved ones. Families usually spend most of their time in the living room in a home. Children play there, parents relax, and friends and guests come to visit. This is where most memories are made, so why not make it ideal for your home?

Beauty and utility must go hand in hand to create a livable space. If you are unsure how to update your living room, an interior designer is what you need. At Dara Agruss Design, our team prioritizes your needs and offers you flat rate prices for customizable services.

What Are the Most Important Aspects When Designing a Living Room?

Just by looking at the name, you should know that this type of room requires a lot of detail and organization. Each piece of furniture, paint color, and decoration has to serve a role. A living room that looks like a museum is no longer a living room. According to our main designer and owner, Dara, all rugs, chairs, and textures must withstand real life. Here is what you should consider:

Taking Correct Measurements

Proportions are quite an underrated aspect of interior design. Not a lot of people pay attention to the size of their furniture or rugs. If your measurements are done correctly, then your job is halfway finished. Before making any drastic changes, remember that doing things right will save you both money and energy. Returning the wrong furniture and rugs is always a struggle and will only delay the end results.

Choosing Proper Lightning

A room with proper lighting is proven to have a good impact on the general mental health of the inhabitants. Even if your existing room was not designed to have adequate natural light, there are plenty of alternative solutions. A professional can show you the difference between warm and cold light, different styles of lamp chandeliers, and even tricks to make your room appear bigger. Working with an interior designer will speed up the process and lower costs.

Focusing on Your Aesthetic Desires

All decisions you make must be made with the end result in mind. Keeping your design and the feeling you want when entering your living room is essential. Try to stick to a simple style and avoid alternative options of decorations or pillows.

Investing in a Good Quality Couch

The centerpiece of any living room is the couch. Depending on its style, the entire room will be modeled accordingly. If you want to keep your existing couch and restyle the rest of the room, our team offers a flat rate option for you.

However, suppose you feel like changing the whole place. In that case, you might want professional help with measurements and new furniture pieces. Either way, a good couch is something that all houses should take into consideration. They can last anywhere between 10 to 15 years and will be the center of attention at all family reunions.  

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