Dara Agruss Design

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in Elmhurst

We will design the interior you’ve always dreamed of.

Fresh, yet timeless. Livable, yet chic.

Dara Agruss Design is an Elmhurst-based boutique design and decorating firm located in the western suburbs of Chicago. 

We also offer virtual design services.

Meet Dara, Owner & Principal Designer

I have always had a love for design. Growing up in a household with a mother who was an art teacher and had a flair for design herself, I spent many weekends of my childhood going to art shows, reading design magazines, and crafting. As a child of the 80s, I loved painting my Keds, bedazzling my jean jackets, and fringing my shirts. Essentially, I love making things beautiful and unique. That set the foundation for my love of design. Later in life is where my love of designing interiors began.

Full-Service Interior Design

If you are looking to design more than just one room, or you need to renovate a kitchen or bathroom and want guidance in choosing finishes, we do it all. It can be overwhelming when you are looking to update, renovate or decorate multiple rooms in your house. Let us take the stress out of this process. We will work with you to create spaces in your home that you will truly love. 

  • New Home Design
  • Kitchen Design
  • Bathroom Design
  • Living Room Design
  • Bedroom Design
  • Home Office Design
  • Basement Design
  • Playroom Design

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Our Work

Interior Design Elmhurst

Decorate your rooms with exquisite taste while keeping that comfortable, livable feeling that welcomes you home. For spaces designed for everyday living with an elegant, open, and inviting air, Dara Agruss Design can help you with interior design and space planning in the Chicago area and Elmhurst, IL, as well as from afar with virtual design.
Our boutique design and decorating team take on the project management aspect to turn your house into your dream home, all for less than you expect. Whether you’ve just moved into your suburban home or want to give it an updated look after all these years, we take your personality, style, and budget into account to ensure you have beautiful spaces you’ll love to show off.
Get that comfortable, uncluttered, and immaculately timeless look for any room in your home, like your office, with interior design through Dara Agruss Design in Elmhurst, IL.

What an Interior Designer Can Do for You in Elmhurst, IL

Interior design is all about those tiny details of style in your project. They may seem unimportant, but when you put them together in the bigger picture, that’s what pulls the entire space together, even with design challenges.

Remodeling and Construction

Upgrading your home in Elmhurst, IL with a fresh and contemporary yet lasting look is exciting yet stressful. Remodeling and construction may be the best way to revamp your space. You can tear down a wall to make more space for your family. Even with great ideas, trying to do it yourself may cost more in the long run if you make a mistake during the construction phase.

Additionally, many home upgrades require a professional to install them correctly. Laying your own flooring could result in mismatched tiles or boards, resulting in having to call a professional to repair it, setting your deadline back further while gnawing away at your budget.

Input from Clients

An interior designer in Elmhurst, IL, can give you the suburban oasis you deserve in every room of your Chicago-area home. Dara Agruss Design knows all the best ways to make space planning evolve to have a look that matches your personal aesthetic with furniture and design with a style that fits your design needs. When you want your home to look sophisticated yet simple for unwinding and comfort, this is the interior design firm in Elmhurst, IL, that you need on your side to create every room the way you want it, from decor to construction and from function to installation.

We know where to find everything your home needs to update each room the way you dream it to be. We’re with you from the beginning to the end of the project to make sure every detail has been perfectly put into place. Our services help you select paint, materials, finishes, lighting, fixtures, cabinetry, flooring, and so much more so you can restyle it with your own flair. Every space in your home will be a work of art that invites you to live your best life through the amazing detail of Dara Agruss Design.

The Step-by-Step of Interior Design in Elmhurst, IL

In just a few simple steps, Dara Agruss and her team of designers can get started bringing your design needs and dreams into reality through interior design services. It all starts with a consultation where your lifestyle, aesthetic, priorities, and budget are all discussed to plan the projects ahead.

Measuring the Area

It’s time to take measurements and photos while formulating a plan of action. Renderings of your spaces for interior design projects are created and then presented to you with all the furniture, fixtures, and finishes so you can fully visualize the entire outcome of what it will look like when we’re done. You can share any idea or inspiration you have to help make the look complete.

Flesh Out the Concept

From there, the general project concept is then fleshed out through swatches of fabrics, paint colors, hardware, wall coverings, art, décor, and much more. You’ll never wind up with a pattern or material you didn’t like because the Dara Agruss Design difference ensures you get to see and touch it first to be sure you love it for your Elmhurst, IL home.

Once you’ve made your selections, everything gets put into motion. Dara Agruss herself is there from start to finish to make sure you love it all. As everything is delivered and installed, from furniture to appliances and from shelving to accessories, you will see how much more enjoyable your spaces are now that they match your style and fit your needs.

Why Is Interior Design Different with Dara Agruss?

Interior design in Elmhurst can cost a lot, but if you want the expert touch for an extraordinary look without the extraordinary price tag, Dara Agruss Design is the one to call. With our flat-rate design packages, you see the final cost upfront. There are no hidden surprises in price, only surprises of delight when your room is finished, and you get to start living your best life in this timeless creation.

Other design firms in Elmhurst, IL lure clients in by name recognition, and you never see that designer you thought you hired. Dara Agruss herself is involved in the entire process with her team. From start to finish and beyond, you can count on her to give her expert touch to any and every room in your home. It is her pleasure to assist you with your decor, construction, and remodeling for any room you choose, from your home office to your living room and everything in between.

In doing so, you’ll have a livable masterpiece that matches your style, allowing you to live in comfort and luxury for many years ahead. These designs feature the sleek and sophisticated air of a refined resort for a high-end feel yet one that is fully accessible for everyone in the family, giving it a practical, beautiful, and unique look in Elmhurst, IL.

Choose Dara Agruss Design

By helping you select styles that are easy to keep up with for your family and that stay relevant without sacrificing comfort, you’ll enjoy more of your home. With Dara Agruss Design, you can customize your interior design in Elmhurst, IL for one room or every room. We aim to make this process seamless for all of our clients, from the first concept to the reveal of your finished rooms, creating a home that you love returning to for years to come.

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