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Your new house is one of your most important projects. You might be overwhelmed by the amount of planning and budgeting you have to do before starting the redesign. Ensuring that every space is beautifully arranged takes time and effort, but you shouldn’t rush things. 

When you face endless tasks and don’t know how to handle the amount of work required, looking for an interior designer in Glen Ellyn might be the best option for you. They will take care of your house project and use their skills to make your dream house a reality by creating a custom design, especially for your taste.

At Dara Agruss Design, we have helped endless clients achieve that dream look for their homes which also reflects their personality and taste. Buying a new house or redecorating it involves hard work, dedication, and patience. If you made this step and are ready to transform your new house into a place that you can wholeheartedly call home, contact our interior design firm for a consultation!

Add Form and Function to Your Home through Interior Design

When you want to create a safe space for you and your family, you envision colorful rooms, inspired art, and a beautiful design. Doing this on your own might be difficult and could affect the functionality of your home. 

An interior designer will know how to optimize your home so you can enjoy every moment and have the required space to do so. A good design will ensure a functional home that will be easier to maintain, which is essential these days. 

An easy-to-maintain house will save you much stress when your schedule is crowded, and you barely have time for yourself. Your designer will consider your lifestyle before drawing a plan to ensure that your home fits all your needs. At Dara Agruss Design, we can create even a virtual plan for your home so that you can witness every detail beforehand and you will also know the final cost upfront. We will take your personality and taste into account, and decide on the best colors, shapes, and sizes! If you are located in Chicago’s suburbs, contact us today to learn more!

Good Aesthetics Influence Your Mood

An interior designer pays attention to detail and draws inspiration from your preferences in paint colors, style, design, and more. Your house is an interior design project which needs care and attention to match your vision.

The way your house looks influences your mood. A professional designer will help you choose the right furniture and give your home the final touches it needs. A well-designed room will open up the space and give a relaxing vibration.

Working together with an interior designer will transform your projects into reality. It will give you the safe space you need after a long day of work.

Additionally, good interior design creates an excellent first impression when you have company. A room with a design that reflects your personal touch will impress your guests and keep you in a good mood.

Your Dream House on a Budget

When starting a home interior design project, you must set a budget that you can afford. Over-spending will not necessarily help your vision but will drain your bank account.

An interior designer will know how to communicate with the architects and will learn the construction process and the particularities of your building.

This way, interior designers ensure they know everything about your house before making a strategic plan. The interior designers at Dara Agruss Design take great care to create your vision, and we respect our client’s wishes, whatever they may be!

Interior Designers in Glen Ellyn From Dara Agruss Design

Making your own space comfortable is a great thing. Design choices are essential, and Dara Agruss Interior Design knows how important it is for you to attain your ideal home. We offer our clients from Glen Ellyn, Illinois packages designed especially to fit their needs.

If you are ready to transform your place into the house of your dreams and get rid of all that designing stress, contact us today and start planning your home decor while receiving the best services from our interior designers located in Elmhurst, DuPage County.

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- Erin Lenardi
Dara was wonderful to work with on my home design project. She helped transform my entry, living and dining areas into the beautiful spaces I have wanted since moving into my home four years ago. The design process has always felt very overwhelming and stressful (i.e. fear of picking the wrong design, furniture, size, paint color, etc.). Having a kind professional like Dara to learn my preferred styles, offer multiple design ideas, and narrow down everything from the large furniture items to pretty accessories was a HUGE help for me. I love my new spaces and now look forward to future design projects. I would recommend Dara’s services to anyone looking for help with design projects big and small!
- Remy Stadlin
I am absolutely thrilled with the transformation that Dara Agruss Design orchestrated for my home. Dara's design choices were truly remarkable. Each element was thoughtfully curated, resulting in a harmonious and cohesive aesthetic that perfectly balances modern elegance with timeless charm. What truly set this experience apart was Dara's exceptional communication skills. She listened attentively to my preferences, desires, and even the smallest of details that were important to me. Moreover, Dara's intuitive understanding of my style was uncanny. She effortlessly grasped the essence of what I envisioned, even when I struggled to put it into words. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Dara Agruss Design to anyone seeking a design experience that is nothing short of exceptional.
- Daniel Stadlin
When I had no clue where to start with redesigning my home, I reached out to Dara and was immediately put at ease. Dara's professionalism, creativity, and warm demeanor made every interaction a pleasure. She listened to my ideas and budget constraints, crafting a modern and affordable vision that I fell in love with. What I was most impressed with in working with Dara was her ability to marry style and affordability. She sourced cost-effective materials without sacrificing quality, creating a home that exceeded what I even thought was possible. They made the renovation journey enjoyable, stress-free, and collaborative which I am beyond appreciative of. Dara and her team are simply the magic wand you need for your renovation dreams. I can't thank them enough for their expertise and dedication, and am hopeful I have another project for them soon!

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