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New Home Design

When you start a new home design from scratch, you can ensure that every part of your new home will be perfect. Dara Agruss Design is a professional interior decorating firm that is known for our ability to create functional spaces that represent the homeowner’s lifestyle and intent. If you’ve never worked with a professional design firm before, the perfect time to start is when you’re moving into a new home. Contact us today to discuss several options that are achievable on any decorating budget.

Bringing in a Decorator from the Start

You walk into the interior of your new home. It’s empty, and the sound bounces off the walls and floors. You see that the space has limitless potential, but you need some direction to bring the vision inside your head to fruition.

That’s where an interior decorator comes in. We have a five-step process that will turn your empty shell into a fully functional, stylish home. 

1. The Initial Consult

We’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire prior to our first design session. This will help us focus on your wants and needs and enables us to make the most productive use of your time. 

2. Design Concept and Development

This is when our creative team begins to assemble design boards based on what we’ve learned about you during your consultation. When we have our boards ready, we will present them to you for selection. 

3. Making Selections

This is an exciting phase for new homeowners because you get to choose the pieces, treatments, and materials you want. This is also the point where you will truly be able to envision how the items you choose look in their respective spaces. 

4. Installation

One of the things you’ll love about working with Dara Agruss Design is that we do all the heavy lifting, assembly, installation, and cleanup. It’s part of the magic of working with professional interior designers.

5. The Reveal 

Once your new home space has been meticulously arranged with your selections, you get to walk into a beautifully decorated home and start living in it from day one.

The Packages We Offer

At Dara Agruss Design, we pride ourselves on being accessible for all budgets. Here are some of the packages we offer for new homes:

The Styling Package 

This is perfect for individuals bringing some of their last home with them. During our initial consultation, you’ll show us what you intend to keep, and we will finish the room with lighting, an area rug, paint or wallpaper, and window treatments. We will also help you style and accessorize the room. This package includes the initial consultation, two design options, and material swatches and samples.

The One-Room Makeover Package

If you’re starting a room from scratch, this may be your better option. The package includes art, lighting, furnishing, an area rug, window treatment, material samples, and accessorization. You will also receive in-person space measurements, floor plan creation, two design options, and full installation.

Full-Service Interior Design 

You can determine your budget for this plan, and we will work within it to fully design and customize an entire home or space. No matter how ambitious your vision is, we can accommodate it.

Chicago Area New Home Interior Designer

Purchasing a new home is the ideal time to work with an interior designer. Call today, and let us get to work on creating the kind of space that belongs on the cover of a magazine!

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