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Family Room Design

Family rooms are essential in a home. A family room must enable all the family members to do fun activities together. A professionally designed family room encourages members to spend quality time together while enjoying their hobbies and activities. 

Drawing a plan before starting the redesigning process will ensure you do not make any costly mistakes. You can bring your family together for a game night or for movie time. Making the right decisions when choosing sitting layouts and providing comfort will create valuable family moments, and you can achieve this with the help of an interior designer!

At Dara Agruss Design, we offer room assessments and will remodel your living room according to your personal preferences, budget, and needs so that you can have the best room design for your entire family! Here is what you should consider for your family room design:

Seating Arrangements and Furniture Positioning

When the purpose of a room is to bring the family together, you must consider the seating arrangements and the furniture’s positioning. Suppose all the armchairs, sofas, or ottomans are positioned toward your television set. In that case, catching your children’s attention might be challenging.

Although the TV is integral to your family room, it does not have to play a central role. To avoid spending all your family time watching TV, you can opt for a living room design that allows you to play board games, have wine nights with your friends, or do other group activities. An ottoman is a perfect replacement for a coffee table, for example, and it increases the functionality of your family room.

Understanding the furniture that your room size allows is essential when creating a family room. The layout and the number of sitting options are also important for the room’s dynamic. Even if your family room is smaller, you can maximize the seating by opting for a couch, armchair, or ottoman. Stools are another great addition to family gatherings, especially for children.

At Dara Agruss Design, we are all about family designs and more! Check out Dara’s portfolio here.

Fabric’s Durability and Paint Finishes

Choosing the fabrics for your family room can be challenging when you need clarification on their durability. For example, boucle and wool rugs might wear and tear quickly. Some other fabrics might stain easily, making keeping it clean a struggle. These kinds of fabrics are not recommended for a busy family room. Suppose you want your new couch to last through the years. In that case, you should be looking for a material treated with a stain repellant that has an outdoor quality to sustain the elements of children and pets.

Additionally, paint finishes are vital if you want your walls to maintain a fresh look, especially if you have children. Flat paint tends to be challenging to clean and will show all the fingerprints. You can opt for a satin paint finish instead to ensure durability.

Seek Professional Advice for Your Interior Design

As you can see, designing a family room isn’t as easy as it sounds. To ensure that you redesign your family room properly, you should seek advice from a professional interior designer. Dara Agruss Interior Design offers various packages created to fit your particular needs.

Check out our services here. We ensure that your preferences are understood and will give your new family room a personal touch. Transform your vision into a reality by contacting us now and having a professional interior designer in Elmhurst help you achieve that perfect family room design and more!

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Family Room Design

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