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Dara Agruss Design is a Chicago-area interior design firm that has built its reputation by creating spaces that deliver on the most ambitious vision of the client. When you retain our services for a project, you will have an interior designer with you throughout the entire process — from conception to the final product.

Our professional Naperville interior designers pride themselves on their ability to deliver personal attention to our clients. Call today to start a creative relationship with Dara Agruss Design.

The Benefits of Working With an Interior Designer

Many people prefer their artistic instincts to those of others, but the problem with applying your personal sense of style and taste to interior design projects is that the financial cost of failure can be exorbitant.

By working with a professional interior designer, you have the confidence of knowing that your creative ideas are being executed by our interior design team and the professional contractors that we work with.

How the Design Process Works

At Dara Argruss Design, we create functional spaces using a five-step process. While every interior design is different, we find these protocols effective in ensuring the success of the project.

1. The Initial Consultation

Before we can begin designing your space, it’s essential that we have a complete understanding of your lifestyle, priorities, budget, and design aesthetic. To start, we ask our future clients to complete a questionnaire that gives us many of these answers.

2. Design Concept & Development

During this phase, our design team prepares design boards based on the information that you’ve provided. This way, you can help us narrow down the types of material, furniture design, color schemes, lighting, etc., that you would like in your home.

3. Selections

For many homeowners, this is one of the most rewarding phases of their interior design project. Here you will be able to examine samples of materials, cloth swatches, paint chips, and many other aspects of space planning.

4. Installation

After any modifications to the space and your items have been delivered, our Naperville, IL design team will begin assembling furnishings, hanging wallpaper, painting, installing flooring, and more.

5. The Reveal

Your designer will introduce you to your new space. Whether you are building out a new construction project, you want to redesign your entire house, or you’re just reinventing your living room or the first floor of your townhouse, we can take care of every detail. Contact our Naperville, IL, design firm today.

What Our Interior Designers Offer

Our firm is a well-established Chicago institution that provides interior design services to commercial and residential clients throughout the region. We have an extensive portfolio of finished projects that you can peruse for inspiration and to validate our bona fides.

We are able to scale projects to fit all budgets, and we are an extremely approachable design firm if you haven’t used one before. Whether you have a vision for a room or you require guidance to capture your specific mood and style, our designers can create a path that will transform every detail of your space.

Our Design Services

At Dara Argruss Design, we don’t believe that professional interior design is the purview of the upper class. We offer three levels of packages starting at a reasonable rate.

The Styling Package 

If you have a space that you’ve partially decorated with furniture and perhaps a few other design elements, this is the package for you. It includes the following:

  • An initial consultation that can be performed in-person or virtually for your convenience
  • A presentation that includes two design options
  • Material swatches and samples

Your design will include lighting, area rug, paint or wallpaper, and window treatment selections. We will also assist with product styling and accessory placement. The starting price for this package is $499. 

The One-Room Makeover Package 

This package is ideal for a single room that you want to completely redesign. This package includes the following:

  • An in-person consultation
  • Space measurements 
  • Floor-plan creation
  • Two design options
  • Oversight of the delivery of items and full installation

Your design will also include your selection of furnishing, art, lighting, area rug, paint/wallpaper, and window treatments. You will be able to sample the swatches and other materials, and we will curate and place the accessories. This investment begins at $999.

Full-Service Interior Design

We will create a full decorative scheme for any space in the house or the entire house. Whether you want to remodel your living room, bedroom, home office, basement, playroom, or multi-purpose room, we can create a full design according to your budget. This level of design can be ambitious for someone starting out, so if you’re uncomfortable going all in for your entire house, we can redesign a room and save the others for future projects.

Frequently Asked Questions About Interior Design

Naperville is a community of diverse lifestyles and tastes. However, the questions clients ask tend to have a few things in common. These are some of the most commonly asked questions by our client base with answers from our designers.

Our design experts create plans from your input. We provide two schemes, but you can make modifications to either design option. Most of our clients tend to favor one or the other but rarely dislike both.

We have worked on many projects in Chicago suburbs like Naperville, IL. You can view our portfolio for some of our favorite design projects. Please let us know if there is a specific project you’re drawn to.

Naperville, IL Interior Design and Home Décor

At Dara Agruss Design, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver sophisticated functional designs to homeowners via various means. Contact us today to speak to one of our design professionals. We look forward to transforming your space in a way that will make you never want to leave.

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