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in Burr Ridge

Many homeowners in Burr Ridge recognize the benefits of working with an interior design firm, but they don’t believe that it can happen at an affordable price. Enter Dara Agruss Design – we are a Chicago-based company that helps homeowners in Burr Ridge and other neighborhoods realize their dream home within an achievable budget.

If you have been under the impression that you couldn’t afford professional interior design, Burr Ridge interior designer Dara Agruss is who you should call. Call today, and let’s discuss your amazing ideas.

Our Five-Step Design System

At Dara Agruss Design, our professionals have developed a five-step process to help you bring your home or business from design to fruition. Here’s how it works.

1. Initial Consultation

We will arrange your first meeting either at our interior design studio or via a Zoom link. Here we will discuss the information you provided on your questionnaire, and we’ll ask you questions to enhance our impression of your goals, lifestyle, and creative inspirations.

2. Design Concept and Development

Our team of design professionals will take the information that you provided and conceptualize two fantastic design boards. Because we now have an extensive understanding of your interior design vision, these boards should be close to the mark.

3. Selections

Once you’ve made your modifications and approved the design improvement, you will choose fabrics and materials from various samples, which are included in the cost. Our design professionals will advise you on which textures and colors work best with different rooms and themes.

4. Installation, Placement, and Cleanup

In addition to the quality work and style guidance we provide, one of the advantages of professional design services is that we do all of the heavy lifting. We will oversee the delivery, assembly, and placement of the furniture. We will also place art and accessories for maximum effect. And, of course, we will clean the area to make it ready to show, which leads us to the next step…

5. The Reveal

Your interior design is complete, and we’re ready to show you the job we did. You will enter a fully functional room or set of rooms that are designed according to your tastes and preferences.

Our Burr Ridge Design Services

Our Chicago-area interior design studio is committed to providing our clients with top-quality advice and execution, no matter the size of the house or budget. We have three pricing levels to accommodate different projects.

The Styling Package

If you have a room or rooms that are partially furnished or decorated, but you need an interior designer to come in and tie it all together, this might be the best project level for you. This package includes the following:
  • A one-on-one consultation with a designer
  • Two design boards based on your specifications
  • Materials and swatches so you can customize your space even further.
Dara will create your look with lighting, an area rug, window treatments, wall paint or wallpaper, and they will assist with accessory placement.

The One-Room Makeover Package

One of the most popular services we offer, this project includes:
  • A one-on-one in-person consultation where we will also measure your space
  • A designer floor plan
  • Two design boards created by a designer
  • Delivery, assembly, and installation oversight at your location
Our designers will assist you with the furniture, area rug, wall covering, window treatment, art, and lighting selections. Dara will finalize the position of all art and accessories as part of your project as well.

Full-Service Interior Design

If you have a more ambitious plan and a larger budget, this plan is ideal for full remodeling endeavors. Once we are hired, our team will begin creating the look and feel that you’re seeking. No request is too large or small with these projects. If you have a full remodeling project in mind, the Full-Service Interior Design Project is for you.

Interior Designers in Burr Ridge

Our interior design company has been making a name for itself in Chicago-area suburbs like Burr Ridge. We are a full-service designer that will remodel anything from a single bath to an entire home. Contact our Chicago-area office and request an initial consultation either online or at your Burr Ridge home. Check out some of our completed designs on our website portfolio and call today!

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