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One of the best ways we can allow our kids’ personalities to shine is through their bedroom decor. As children grow up, they develop their unique interests and hobbies, all stemming from their individuality.

From favorite colors to aesthetic preferences, your kids’ room design can be a safe haven for them to express themselves. Create a kids’ room design that is imaginative and playful, connect to your inner child, or include your child in the design process to get the best results!

It may be daunting for parents to redesign their child’s room each time they develop a new interest. But you’re not alone in designing your child’s room: Dara Agruss Design’s team will work with you on color palettes and decorating.

Incorporating Interests & Needs

It’s inevitable for children to go through age groups and grow in and out of interests, but it’s not exactly wallet-friendly to provide a room makeover with each fleeting hobby. Because of this, it’s best to work directly with an interior designer in Elmhurst for a balance between niche and timeless.

Kids’ room design is one of the most exciting services we offer. The possibilities are endless regarding kids’ room design because each age group offers a variety of interests to incorporate into the space. Kids also have unique needs to be met – while they need space to grow and continue learning who they are, you can support them.

Children who are attending school may need space to complete their homework. If your child is a big fan of toys and stuffed animals, a playroom design can be a great way to organize their toys and display their stuffed animals. By utilizing your child’s personality and needs, we can design the perfect room for them.

Including Your Child In The Process

Dara Agruss Design’s process involves an initial consultation that we’d love for your child to be a part of. This gives you a unique opportunity to involve your child in the design decision-making process, allowing us to truly understand your child’s personality and needs.

After your consultation, we will create design boards and renderings of your space to give you an idea of the finished product – which you and your child can approve. We’ll be sure to address any specific interest-themed choices because we know that kids go through phases as they age. By selecting niche and timeless items for your kids’ room design, you can get the best of both worlds.

Dara’s portfolio can give you an idea of potential designs for your child’s room. From using their favorite color as a bold accent wall to displaying items that mean a lot to them, allowing your child to have a say in the design of their room allows them to take ownership of the space and make it truly theirs. We will help you with selecting furniture that can grow with your child.

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Kids’ Room Design

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