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Sleek Minimalism Oak Brook Furnishing

Every well-designed room has a personality. It has a style and distinct vibe, tells you how the room will be used, and gives you information about the people who live there. When we first visited this home, it was clear that some of the rooms needed a personality. So, that was our first goal. Creating a story for each room would add life and warmth to the spaces.

The first part of our design process when beginning a new project is learning about the lifestyle of the clients. It is just as important for a room to function well, as it is for it to look beautiful. This formal living room wasn’t being used a ton, but it is the first thing you see when you walk in the house. We created this space to be an elegant room that can be used when entertaining guests, since they already have a family room that is used more for daily living. Their young children don’t spend a ton of time in this formal living room so we focused on making it a space for adults to hang out. The dining room, on the other hand, did need to function as a family-friendly space. When choosing materials and fabrics for young families, I am careful to pick textiles that will withstand some abuse because we don’t want our clients to worry too much about their new furniture. Since these rooms are connected, we wanted each to have their own story, but have a continuous flow. In addition to the formal living room and dining room, we decorated the entryway. Although it’s a small space, we wanted it to have a big impact. The white walls were screaming for some color so in lieu of painting them, we added oversized, colorful art. Nestled in the corner under the stairs, we found the perfect petite table. The black marble with dramatic white veining is a great compliment for a neutral space. Above it, we hung a funky mirror and accessorized with tons of textures and colors.