Top 5 Beige Colors to Liven your Living Space

Beige Themed Living Space

While long considered a “builders’ color,” beige and its shades have made a comeback in recent years for their perceived versatility for homeowners. Here are some of the most popular beige colors for your walls: 1. Sherwin Williams Barcelona Beige 7530 This shade of beige, often described as “warm,” has a light-medium depth and is found in the middle of the “light-medium” range of shades. It’s considered among the more neutral shades of beige and, as such, can be more versatile. 2. Benjamin Moore — Shaker Beige (HC-45) This popular shade has been in use for more than 40 years. Shaker beige is considered “tone-neutral,” giving it a healthy balance between gray, yellow, and green. Its medium depth also means it’s well-suited to different lighting conditions, making it an appropriate shade for both day and night. 3. Farrow & Ball — London Stone No. 6 The London Stone shade, while also of medium depth, is deeper and richer with a gray base that allows it to blend well with rooms and furniture. It is similar to taupe, which is a grey-beige with a brown base, making it a suitable background color for well-furnished rooms. 4. Sherwin Williams Nomadic Desert 6107 […]

Top 10 Best Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Bedroom

Designed Bedroom Image

Different types of lighting can make big differences in the mood and atmosphere of a room, even your bedroom. Here are ten lighting ideas to brighten up your bedroom: 1. Ambient Lighting Ambient lighting is popular for its soft glow and lack of harsh glare and often serves as the foundation of a room’s lighting. Types of ambient light include lamps, flush-mounted fixtures, recessed lights, and even chandeliers and pendant lights. The term can also include natural light, which can be utilized in rooms with larger and/or higher windows. 2. Task Lighting Task lighting, on the other hand, is smaller, more concentrated, and commonly used for particular tasks, which is why it is commonly known outside the home as “office lighting.” Forms include wall-mounted task lights, wall sconces, low pendants, and table lamps, and the right task lighting can be highly complementary to ambient lighting. 3. Bedroom Chandeliers Chandeliers are no longer just for dining rooms and other large spaces in the home, and bedroom chandeliers are on the rise not only for aesthetic value but also for lighting that may pair well with task or ambient lighting. 4. Flush Mount Lighting This form of lighting is fixed in the […]

Best Blue Living Room Ideas for your Home

Photo of a living room

In interior design, blue is a calm, soothing color that’s especially pleasing to the human eye. When the right shades are combined with the right lighting, blue can be an excellent choice in most rooms, but especially your living room. Here are some ideas for using blue in your living room: 1. Complementary Coloring Bright and vibrant color schemes can be created by contrasting blue with its “complementary” colors on the opposite side of the color spectrum, which include shades of red, orange, and yellow. 2. Countering Dark Blues Darker shades of blue and blue-gray often need a bit of balance in order to not appear too dark for the room. In other areas, “metallic” shades – which appear to shine as if from polished metal – can both complement the darker blue and improve the room’s lighting via reflection. 3. Country Blue Country blue, similar to sky blue, is a lighter, paler shade of blue with a hint of purple, and is loved by some for its pleasant contrast with the natural greens of grass and trees outside the home. 4. Blue Framing Adding blue to your living room doesn’t necessarily mean the walls. Lighter shades of blue are […]