Designed Bedroom Image

Different types of lighting can make big differences in the mood and atmosphere of a room, even your bedroom. Here are ten lighting ideas to brighten up your bedroom:

1. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is popular for its soft glow and lack of harsh glare and often serves as the foundation of a room’s lighting. Types of ambient light include lamps, flush-mounted fixtures, recessed lights, and even chandeliers and pendant lights. The term can also include natural light, which can be utilized in rooms with larger and/or higher windows.

2. Task Lighting

Task lighting, on the other hand, is smaller, more concentrated, and commonly used for particular tasks, which is why it is commonly known outside the home as “office lighting.” Forms include wall-mounted task lights, wall sconces, low pendants, and table lamps, and the right task lighting can be highly complementary to ambient lighting.

3. Bedroom Chandeliers

Chandeliers are no longer just for dining rooms and other large spaces in the home, and bedroom chandeliers are on the rise not only for aesthetic value but also for lighting that may pair well with task or ambient lighting.

4. Flush Mount Lighting

This form of lighting is fixed in the ceiling and is also common in bathrooms, hallways, and entryways. In bedrooms, a flush mount light may be comparatively cheap and can pair well with certain wall colors, as well as providing sufficient light on its own at nighttime.

5. Semi-Flush Mount Lighting

Semi-flush mount lighting differs slightly in that these lights hang slightly lower from the ceiling, making them more suitable for bedrooms with standard or higher ceilings. Some of these lights offer exposed-bulb designs while other shaded forms come with a covered bottom for more glow than glare.

6. Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is popular with some for its lack of bulge and occupied space, as these lights are typically fixed within ceilings rather than emerging from them. Multiple recessed lights may be used in one room due to their relative lack of individual coverage, and they can also pair well with certain forms of task lighting.

7. Vanity Lights

Like other lights that are traditionally more common in other areas of the home, vanity lights have also found their way into bedrooms for both aesthetic and lighting purposes. While technically task lights, vanity lights typically stand out in appearance and can offer lighting with a better range of shades and brightness levels.

8. Ceiling Fan Lights

Tried and true, ceiling fan lights come in greater varieties than they used to and can be suitable in a wide range of bedrooms of different colors, shades, and natural light levels. Whatever your color scheme, the right ceiling fan light can accentuate it and bring it to life.

9. Wall Sconces

Often seen in hotel rooms, wall sconces are typically mounted to the wall and are popular for their aesthetics as well as saved space. They can be suitable alternatives to bedside table lamps by providing the same function without occupying space beneath them, such as a nightstand, and some are also designed to resemble vanity lights.

10. Floor Lamps

For bedrooms that have the space, and perhaps even a seating area, floor lamps are an excellent option that can serve the purposes of either task or ambient lighting, depending on their size. Floor lamps vary greatly in height, brightness, and shade, making them suitable for a variety of color schemes with or without accompaniment by natural light.